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The Summer Coat September 14, 2020 17:30

One of the things I love to do is have a coat that I can throw on for those kinds of walks, when the air has a chill but it's not cold… you know those nights? These thoughts let me into thinking… I’ve never told anyone about my ‘Summer Coat’!

Sakura in the Rain - Opulence Indeed! September 3, 2020 16:21

2020 has been a time for reflection, notation, and retrospect. For many of us, most of the year so far has been spent in some sort of limbo. 

I truly believe it is time to embrace the change in lifestyle and to feel good.

Evolution of a Design- Anahita is on the website! August 26, 2020 14:18

Okay okay… for those of you that have been following me for years, you may be thinking… I remember this series. Isn’t it over? For those of you who are new to my blogs, click on these links to see the full series: 12, 34


New Adventures- Creating my Boiled Wool Jacket Part 3 June 26, 2020 14:30

If you are reading this, its the final instalment (for now!) to accompany parts 1 and 2. Now that the pattern is done, graded and printed(!), it is time to schedule an online sewing class... Continue reading

Boiled Wool Jacket Pattern


New Adventures- Boiled Wool Jacket Part 2 June 2, 2020 14:00

So here we are, ready to get creative online! Incase you missed the first instalment of this blog series (its here btw!) we were talking about my new Boiled Wool Jacket Workshop. Well, most specifically the creation of the jacket itself. ... Continue reading 

New Adventures- Creating my Boiled Wool Jacket April 25, 2020 14:00

Pattern making is something of a specialty that I have always been enthused by. 2020 lockdown seems like a perfect time to create! ... Continue reading 

Tatyana's School of Couture - The Interstate Chapter! November 1, 2019 16:30

I started hearing it… the comments from all across Australia… “But what about us? We want to make camisoles too!” After the Australian Sewing Guild invitation...

Tatyana's School of Couture - The Melbourne Sewing Group August 1, 2019 15:30

Teaching couture sewing seems like a natural progression to me; I have designed and made garments that people love, and so when my group asked me to pass on my skills, first we had to establish what it was everyone wanted to learn.

Evolution of a Design - Time February 25, 2018 14:00

Back in 2013, I began designing the Anahita capsule, and I shared some of my artist process throughout (check out these blog posts here: 1, 23) ... 
Continue reading 


Happy 2018!!! January 1, 2018 09:15

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year 2018

Merry Christmas and happy 2018! December 24, 2017 11:30

Dear customers and friends wishing you Merry Christmas and very happy New Year!
Merry Christmas and happy 2018!

Tatyana’s School of Couture… where it all began November 20, 2017 08:30

As you may know, I come from a long line of couture sewists- My Grandmother & my Aunty were both exquisite seamstresses, who both had a keen eye for detail and a strict level of perfection... Continue reading 

Ethical Clothing Australia Re-Accreditation 2017 July 28, 2017 16:37

Tatyana Design is re-accredited for the sixth year in the row! … Continue reading 

Ethical Clothing Australia Re-Accreditation 2017

Apple Blossom! June 21, 2017 16:48

Here it is! Nightgown - "Apple Blossom"! … Continue reading 

Nightgown -  apple blossom

Art challenge! May 23, 2017 18:01

I'm joining a Facebook art challenge!.. … Continue reading

.Art challenge!

Into the Blue May 2, 2017 10:20

I was approached by a stylist - Jenna Cosgrove with a request to feature my Tsovinar Coral nightgown in a collaboration with photographer Danielle Chau... Continue reading

Danielle Chau Into The Blue

Fashion Weekly! March 9, 2017 14:02

Exciting news just in:  Autumn issue of Fashion Weekly is out ...  Continue reading
Tatyana Design - Fashion Weekly - Must Have - 2017

Happy 8th of March! March 8, 2017 10:00

Happy 8th of March! 
Девочки, с 8 марта нас!

Happy 8th of March!

Behind the scenes... March 6, 2017 16:12

In preparation for The Fashion Advocate runway there was fitting of models... Continue reading

Models - Behind the scenes

Sneak peek! March 4, 2017 16:25

Sneak peek of the fitting today for 'The Fashion Advocate'...

Tatyana Design opens on-line shop March 3, 2017 14:00

My lovely on-line shop is now open to all. Not only can you drool amongst your favourite nightwear designs on my website - now you can order them directly.... Continue reading
Tatyana Design - Online shop

Melbourne Fashion Festival February 10, 2017 17:33

It is that time of the year in Melbourne again!  Air is full of buzz and excitement! VA Melbourne Fashion Festival is almost upon us! We will be joining The Fashion Advocate runway  on 11 of March Hope to see you … Continue reading
VA Melbourne Fashion Festival

Classic French Jacket- Final Day January 29, 2017 21:08

Our final day together… Continue reading 

French Jacket Class


Classic French Jacket - The woolly mammoth is tamed January 27, 2017 21:48

Completing "woolly mammoth"… Continue reading 

Classic French Jacket Fitting