New Adventures- Creating my Boiled Wool Jacket Part 3 June 26, 2020 14:30

If you are reading this, its the final instalment (for now!) to accompany parts 1 and 2. Now that the pattern is done, graded and printed(!), it is time to schedule an online sewing class. 


 Boiled Wool Jacket Pattern

The jacket has been designed to be warm, soft, practical and stylish. It can be worn at home, to the office or to the shops. My ‘boxy beauty’ is unlined, features pockets, a very traditional notched collar,  and finally a two-piece sleeve with multiple length options. Who says we have to have a definitive design choice in the end? Multiple length options are my gift to the maker… you choose what season your jacket is geared for ;)

With all of the key skills, fabric and equipment chosen and planned, I can see this boiled wool jacket workshop will no doubt be a two day course. During the classes you will learn how to make and fit toile, to trim and grade seam allowance, to do welt seam and to use twin needle. Cutting and fitting toile to perfection before cutting the fabric itself is a necessity here, and those steps alone will take the first day (as my previous experiences have taught me!) These details, of course, depend on the range of students in the workshops, and so we may even get onto to sewing the fabric. But even with the most experienced students, it will still take more than one day. The beauty in precision is definitely not achieved by rushing.

During the second day we will work through the construction. Together, step by step we will make the jacket. Your jacket. Your very own custom made jacket, designed by me and created with love by you. It's such a momentous occasion I can tell you, when you wear it out for the first time. People compliment it, ask where it's from, and you can say "I made it". The sense of achievement and pride in this garment is worth it.

In the end, two online sewing classes have been scheduled so far. The first one in July was booked up quickly, and so another has been scheduled in September. Maybe there will be a 4th part to this blog series after all... the results! Stay tuned!