Evolution of a Design- The Collection September 22, 2013 09:00

Well, it is ready! As promised, the ‘Anahita’ robe made it onto the runway to accompany the sleeveless bias cut nightgown - Katherine. And just look how great the model looks in it! (Check out the last blog post here)

The draping of the finished piece is of course the catwalk way of doing things. Both pieces need to be seen together but of course can be worn as garments in their own right. The robe still maintains its empire bustline (an important design choice reflected throughout the Anahita collection. Find out why in the Anahita post) and its tulip hemline. This add a feminine touch to the robe. When worn together with nightgown, this adds to the luxurious layering, and when worn alone it will show off the gorgeous legs underneath ;)

Head over to the Fitting Day blog too, to see a sneak peak of the detail on 'Katherine'… another reason to drape the robe off the shoulders ;)