Tatyana’s School of Couture… where it all began November 20, 2017 08:30

As you may know, I come from a long line of couture sewists- My Grandmother & my Aunty were both exquisite seamstresses, who both had a keen eye for detail and a strict level of perfection. Naturally, I followed in their footsteps, beginning my journey by playing with my Grandmother’s offcuts. The designing bug set in early, but it wasn’t until much later in life that I found a way to pass it on too. Well, in an official capacity at least!

Let’s step back in time for a second… Remember the excitement I had back in 2017 when Susan Khalje was coming to Australia? This was a very big deal! In case you don’t know, Susan is one of the foremost educators in haute couture, based in the USA. It was beyond thrilling to have her come to Australia. I felt like a kid again! Because, as we all know, you never stop learning. And here was my chance to refine skills that I had not had the time to dedicate myself to for some time, as I had been working so hard with my own luxury sleepwear designs    (click to head to my collections

So the Susan Khalje workshops came and went, and what a blast we had! It was here that not only was I able to learn from the Classic French Jacket expert herself, but I was able to connect with so many other wonderful couture lovers.


Whilst growing closer with my new friends, some of them said to me: “Hey Tatyana, why don’t you start a sewing group? You would make a great leader!” To begin with, I wasn’t sure… it had been some time since I had led a sewing group, and I have been teaching in IT for some time... But this felt like the perfect opportunity to get back into it. And so, in February 2017, The Melbourne Couture Group was born!