Silk Flora workshops

Join Tatyana at her fun-filled workshops and fall in love with the sheer beauty of your creations. But be warned – it’s highly addictive!

Your gorgeous creations can then be used in so many ways. Use your small or large flowers to create unique brooches, decorate hats, to wear on your waist as part of a belt or on your wrist as a bracelet. Your bouquets and larger pieces such as branches can become interior design elements. There is no end to their uses – just let your imagination run riot!

We offer Silk Flora making for both Beginners and Intermediate students (who may have attended our beginner classes or have other relevant experience). Classes are $175 (includes Silk Flora Kit of cut fabric pieces for leaves and petals, wire, stamens, florist wire and magnets)

 In our Beginners Workshops you will learn

  • how to use the highly specialised tools,
  • how to select fabrics suitable for Silk Flora work,
  • how to cut fabrics, and
  • how to create Silk Flora patterns
  • and of course, how to make your own beautiful silk flowers!

Each workshop concentrates on the creation of a different floral beauty starting with simple flowers such as violets, hydrangeas, roses, anemones and peonies (life sized and larger) and fantasy flowers. Additional kits may be purchased should you wish to make additional flowers or use as a gift.

Once you have mastered the art of using the tools and fabric selection, you may choose to attend intermediate workshops.

In our Intermediate Workshops you will learn

  • How to dye and paint fabric for flower making, using silks, velvet and other novelty fabrics
  • How to make more complex flowers such as magnolias, camellias. Oriental lilies, poppies, orchids, chrysanthemums, dahlias and dusty miller greenery.
  • How to create complex floral arrangements of your creations such as bouquets for occasions such as weddings or interior design


Silk Flora Tool Kits are available for purchase or hire – these tools are highly specialised imported pieces developed solely for creating these exquisite flowers.