New Adventures- Creating my Boiled Wool Jacket April 25, 2020 14:00

Pattern making is something of a specialty that I have always been enthused by. 2020 lockdown seems like a perfect time to create! A jacket, amongst a few others, was at the top of my list. As many of you may know, living in a cool climate like Melbourne Australia, means you need multiple types of jackets all year round!

In the city of 4 seasons in one day, I wanted to design a pattern that was durable, practical and comfortable. I knew it had to be versatile - it was never to be overly fitted, as layering is a practical fashion choice a lot of us rely on, and so it must have room for a few under layers. But, it must still look stylish alone with only a camisole or bodysuit underneath!

As we are in lockdown, we are all attending lots and lots of on-line meetings (and maybe an online sewing class too!) where we need to look professional but still be comfortable.

It is also important to know that this venture was new for me too; The boiled wool jacket was a design I created specifically for Tatyana's School of Couture, thinking about the needs of my students and the kind of styles and fabrics they might need or want to work on next. And with lockdown, it now had to be transferable... I needed to remember that I would need to take my Boiled Wool Jacket Workshop online!


I started with the semi-fitted body. This was the key to creating a stylish fit. The oversized fit that seems to be popular now more than ever doesn’t actually suit everyone, and can very quickly lose that ‘smart’ look that you might want to achieve. With the semi-fitted design, it meant I can give my jacket that comfortable feeling, without losing a desired aesthetic.

Keep an eye out for another blog addition on this... I still need to talk sleeves!