Tatyana's School of Couture - The Interstate Chapter! November 1, 2019 16:30

I started hearing it… the comments from all across Australia… “But what about us? We want to make camisoles too!” After the Australian Sewing Guild invitation, it seemed that people in other states saw through social media that I was teaching. I didn’t mean it to become an ongoing adventure, but before I knew it I was packing a suitcase and heading all over!


What started as an intimate gathering of like minded couture sewing enthusiasts, turned into “Tatyana’s Workshops”. I have spent so much of my career designing, creating, collaborating and showcasing that I hadn’t thought about people learning from this journey.


So, here I am- off I go to Perth! It was a really great time teaching over in WA, but the journey itself was just as funny! After deciding to offer fabric kits for the workshops (check out my last blog here) I ended up flying with a huge suitcase full of fabrics. Of course, on the way home to Melbourne, it was much lighter! It was funny to see the amount of people who offered to help little me with a giant suitcase, only to pick it up and find it lighter than their own! After trying to explain to one person, I realised the story is so unique that it confuses people more, so its best not to try ;)

Then Sydney called. Apparently Sydney felt left out. “How can I make it up to you?” I asked

“Come up here are teach TWO workshops”.

Finally, I could set up the camisole and the French knickers as a pair! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a matching set?! I returned from Sydney feeling accomplished. I managed to teach a whole weekend of workshops that people loved.



Back in Melbourne I had a little time to think. With the popularity of the Delicate Nothings workshops, was teaching something I should continue? I enjoy teaching, and people seem to want to learn from my patterns. And let’s not forget the original Melbourne group. They alone were keen to keep going, so I may as well make it accessible to everyone. I had so many requests from others to join in with these private sessions I was creating, and it wasn’t a choice to keep it private. It was just hard to find space! And so, if I set this up officially, how do I move forward?

To be continued…