Evolution of a Design - Time February 25, 2018 14:00

Well, this has been a lengthy post series! Back in 2013, I began designing the Anahita capsule, and I shared some of my artist process throughout (check out these blog posts here: 1, 2, 3). So now here is another important part of the design process to talk about: Time.

Throughout the design, and in particular a collection, it may take a long time for it to come together as a whole. This can happen for many reasons; Sometimes the creation itself just doesn’t feel right. Maybe you aren’t happy with the overall look, maybe your vision hasn’t been accomplished, or maybe, life got in the way! With this particular garment, it was a little of each, but mostly the latter.

Passing on my skills has always been important to me (if you didn’t know already, I learned everything I know from my Grandmother and my Aunty). And so I set up my couture sewing school as a part of the Tatyana Design brand and it was a large undertaking.

Here we are, 5 years after the Anahita nightgown was initially born, and we are finally getting it photographed! Even though we received some photos from the catwalk back in 2013 (check out International Fashion Week blog here) it is always important to get some studio based photos for use on the website and social media. For this, we teamed up with  gorgeous model – Philippa Rawet, amazing hair and make up artist – Resta Vi and talented photographer – Julia Bevz to create the magic! It was another awesome day, seeing something I worked so hard on being captured in its fullest form. It finally feels… complete. 

What have I learned throughout this process? Never be too hard on yourself as an artist. Some projects will be completed in a week, some a year, others 5 years!. And it is also important to remember that revisiting old designs can be good too. Maybe you find a way of improving the original concept, maybe you realise that something you made for a one-off occasion should be shared with more people, and maybe sometimes, you just get to finish it.