Evolution of a Design- Starting Small May 15, 2013 17:00

Every designer is different, and every maker has a process that is unique to them..

For me, I like to start small; Maybe it’s through my inspiration of dolls. (remember the Dolls exhibition? Check out the 2011 blog and the 2013 blog). I think many people start out in fashion design by making garments for dolls as a child…and that certainly was the case for me, making doll clothes from offcuts cast away by Grandmother from whatever she was making at the time.

When I want to try something out, I often start small. I guess it is the ethical designer inside of me; I just don’t want to waste materials on ideas that may not work. Of course there are sketches first, and fabric sourcing (check out my fabric sorting blog here). But then…

I like to create a small version. Not as small as a doll, but one that fits on my half size mannequin - Elizabeth. The half size is a little more realistic than the mini; With creating garments on a doll, not only are the proportions quite often not correct, but much of the sewing is then done by hand. The half size mannequin proves to be a useful starting block both in terms of design but also in the making. So here is a design I have been working on at the moment; It’s still in the early stages, but I am hoping to get it up to full size real soon. Watch this space!