Blocks and Pattern-making workshops

These workshops teach the techniques of pattern making that Tatyana uses to create exquisite bespoke garments for all her couture clients. The workshops will show you how to make a set of Blocks that are the foundation for creating your own original wardrobe.

Tatyana teaches the Russian pattern-making system which understands that catering for individual body shape is at the heart of well-fitting garments. Developing your own unique set of Blocks which are then used as the foundation for all patterns produces very accurate results. These patterns will fit and flatter your body with minimal if any extra fitting and adjustment required.

In the Block Workshops series you will

  • Learn what measurements are needed and how to correctly take them.
  • Learn what those measurements represent in terms of fit and ease and comfort in making your basic Blocks.
  • Use our specially developed pattern calculator to get all the computations out of the way in seconds.
  • Produce your own bespoke Blocks – for Skirts, Trousers, Tops and Sleeve (loose, fitted and knit variations).

Completion of the Blockmaking workshop/s entitles you to join any of Tatyana’s School of Couture Pattern Making Workshops.

Here you will benefit from Tatyana’s expert advice and guidance in all your sewing projects. You will learn to use your blocks to develop your own unique patterns. These workshops are small intimate groups of keen and skilled students all working on their own bespoke projects.

Tatyana is at hand to offer lots of personal attention and assistance such as -

  • helping you to analyse the design,
  • deciding which of your blocks can be used for the project,
  • helping you with any necessary modifications to the pattern,
  • assisting you in making a toile,
  • and with any design details.

Complex designs may take more than one class to reach final completion.

Once your project is at the sewing stage you can sew your garment yourself in your own rhythm. Alternatively join one of the Melbourne Couture Group sessions if you would like help with construction or just want to enjoy the company of other keen sewers.