Paisley Print July 22, 2021 15:55

"Elaborate or understated, paisley is recognisable for the unique figure at its core. People around the world compare it to a tear drop, a flower, a pinecone, a tadpole, a seed, half of the yin yang symbol." Keira Coffee, Shutterstock

Paisley has been found from as early as the 9th Century, and became a key pattern in the European Industrial Revolution. In 1908, the most noteworthy mill was opened in Paisley, Scotland. It is because of this that the pattern received its name.


Image: Shutterstock Paisley Pattern Trends Collection.

Although Russian paisley have the same origins as those in the West, by last third of 19th century, Russian artisans developed they own, uniquely Russian paisley type.


A great number of them still used today in fabric and shawls designs. One of those has been in my collection for few years now and this winter may be THE time!


As they say... to be continued...

PS. If you would like to read more about the history of paisley prints, here is a great article. Enjoy!

History of Paisley Prints