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Rebecca at Salon International de la Lingerie April 5, 2013 16:53

Having fun with Fortuna Nightgown!!!

Empress Dream at the Salon International de la Lingerie April 1, 2013 15:00

Empress Dream Opulence Robe and Nightgown during Loungewear catwalk at the Salon International de la Lingerie.  I love the styling of it!  I would have never thought to show it like this!

Photo from Salon International de la Lingerie March 28, 2013 20:04

OMG! I’m so excited!!! First picture from The Selection catwalk!

Salon International de la Lingerie video February 28, 2013 09:11

I am delighted to share the 2013 Salon International de la Lingerie video with you.  I invite you to take a few minutes to relive the magic and excitement of the 50th year anniversary edition Click here PS You will … Continue reading

We are re-united!!!! February 26, 2013 15:54

At last! Goddess collection and I have been re-united!!!! All boxes arrived back from Paris and have been delivered to the studio today Here they are, all  safely in Melbourne: Definitely in need of tender loving care and it will … Continue reading

Paris in panorama January 24, 2013 08:07

We had a lazy day in Paris today, wandering around, looking at the beautiful architecture and not worrying about anything.  I also was learning how to take panoramic photos with my new phone PS not my day for captions today. … Continue reading

Salon International de la Lingerie – Press release January 23, 2013 20:57

We are in the Salon International de la Lingerie press release: See full press release here

Salon International de la Lingerie – Day 3 January 22, 2013 20:33

We didn’t get any decent pictures form the catwalks, it was way too dark We are expecting professional photos next week

Salon International de la Lingerie – Day 2 January 21, 2013 20:21

Here is me, more sensibly dressed on a second day It is snowing in Paris and it looks gorgeous!

Salon International de la Lingerie – Day 1 January 20, 2013 20:14

Here we are, booth set and ready

Set up day! January 19, 2013 10:01

Today was the set up day.  Excited team has arrived to Salon International de la Lingerie early in the morning. This is our stand (A11) as we found it, complete with large Lasa posters the far-travelled boxes with collection and … Continue reading

We are in Paris January 15, 2013 09:40

We have made it to Paris   It is cold and snowy.  Next few days we will be preparing to the Salon International de la Lingerie opening. photo from here

One week before Salon opening January 12, 2013 21:58

It is hard to believe! Only one week to go before Salon International de la Lingerie.      Studio is busing with excitement and last minute preparations.

Salon International de la Lingerie 2013 October 29, 2012 01:11

We are excited to announce: we have been invited to show at “Salon International de la Lingerie” in Paris.

Textile and Fashion HUB Opening – Wings March 27, 2012 12:24

Frantically preparing for the HUB opening!!! First (unfinished) layout of the story board for “Wings”

LMFF Textile and Fashion HUB Opening March 23, 2012 12:41

As part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival I am absolutely delighted to be involved in the upcoming Textile and Fashion HUB opening.  Our gorgeous robe entitled “Wings” will be on showcase during the opening, along with the story behind the … Continue reading

Interfilière 2012 March 11, 2012 17:00

Some of my favourite photos from Interfilière 2012 lingerie parades

Interfilière 2013 Colour Trend – Intense March 6, 2012 19:59

Lingerie colour trend – Intense 

Interfilière 2013 Colour Trend – Fade in Time March 5, 2012 22:07

Lingerie colour trend – Fade in Time.

Interfilière 2013 Colour Trend – Delicious March 4, 2012 22:19

Lingerie colour trend – Delicious Oh! Simple pleasure of being pretty!

Wings – part 3 November 27, 2011 22:24

Wow!!! I received an e-mail from Victoria (graphic designer) with design for the wings embroidery.  I found it hard to imagine that this lovely, delicate wing was designed from my rough sketches and lots and lots of conversations. Off to … Continue reading

Wings – part 2 November 21, 2011 23:00

It is difficult to say which of Paris’ wings was THE inspiration… The first sketch of “Wings” appeared in my book.  It is just a rough outline of an idea: Part 1 is here

Wings – part 1 November 18, 2011 17:15

We are in Paris. It is not our first trip to Paris, so we are re-visiting old favourites, almost like meeting old friends. It is early autumn in Paris. The Jardin du Luxembourg looks like a picture: blue sky reflecting … Continue reading