Sakura in the Rain - Opulence Indeed! September 3, 2020 16:21

2020 has been a time for reflection, notation, and retrospect. For many of us, most of the year so far has been spent in some sort of limbo. The lockdowns around the world have been embodied differently in everyone, but one thing is certainly the same is the time we are spending at home. Our hobbies and activities have changed, and so with that our spending habits are changing too.

I truly believe it is time to embrace the change in lifestyle and to feel good. For those of us who love fashion, glamour, fabrics and uniqueness, it's time to explore it at home! And so I’m going to help you do it! Years after its creation, the 'Sakura in the Rain' Opulence Robe is joining the garments available on my website! Inspired by the delicately fragile beauty of spring’s cherry blossoms, this capsule is the very essence of femininity. The blush pink silk is paired with soft grey silken thread embroidered lavishly to create a robe to spend all day in.

Originally inspired by the opulence of the Ziegfield Follies (see the actual garment inspiration below), the robe features embroidered sheer sleeves and a deep embroidered hem. The gently gathered robe ties with a pink obi sash revealing the V-shaped heavily embellished yoke of the nightgown underneath. A finishing touch of glamour is the ultra-long grey silk tassels which hang from
the sleeve ends. So elegant and so very 1920’s.

Now to explain more about its creation… Lets start with the embroidery. It took 40 hours alone! Here is a picture of the embroidery “on the press”- what a momentous occasion it was to see it there in its glory! Inspired by the delicately fragile beauty of spring’s cherry blossoms, the blush pink silk is paired with soft grey silken thread to accentuate the contrast of rainwater on the blossom


The inspiration and the sketch

   During and the end!

Of course this was a great chance to collaborate with other artists. When I design, it is important to have a support network around me, and that includes finding the best skilled artisans. The embroidery design was hand drawn by my long-standing collaborator (we have worked together since Day 1!) Victoria Makarova. Generally, I try and work with fellow Melbourne artists too, and so next I sourced the tassels from Shirley Sinclair at ‘Bustles & Bows’. To keep the drama of the Ziegfield costumes, Shirley was able to give me tassels at a whopping 70cm long! To finish these tassels off with all the glory, I met with Melbourne
glass artist, Georgina O’Shea from Georgie Girl’s Wearable Glass Art.


The Sakura in the Rain Opulence Robe is the perfect garment to accompany the boredom of the COVID-19 quarantine and lock-down. Imagine whiling away the hours while floating about in layers of sheer chiffon! Your spirits can’t help but  soar every time you catch another glimpse of elegant silk tassels dangling from your lacy sheer sleeves. A positive antidote to doom and gloom – your only challenge is keeping the tassels out of your crystal champagne flute or delicate porcelain cup of Lady Grey tea!

Check it out over at Sakura Collection