Anahita October 10, 2013 22:40

As soon as I put up a photo of the Anahita capsule from International Fashion Week, lots of you wrote to me with questions: What is it? How come we didn’t know anything about this new capsule?

Let me fix this omission….

Anahita – one of the earliest of the Great Mothers, she is the ancient Persian goddess of wisdom, water, fertility, patroness of women as well as goddess of war. Sounds very much like the modern working woman – all things to everybody! Anahita is usually depicted as a beautiful woman with full breasts and a strong body and robed in fine gowns and jewels.

What better role model for the capsule which I was inspired to develop after listening to the comments of two of my friends!  They had quite precise technical requirements – nightgowns must have sleeves, bust support (but not as tight as a bra), be comfortable but not voluminous and of course something elegant, something they will feel special wearing. This is a request that many women would relate to yet it is a request which they struggle to fulfil.

Anahita Nightgown
So my Anahita nightgown features clever cut which drape and flatter but don’t cling in the wrong places.  The Empire bustline has secret support to give a great shape without the need for a bra and the gown is embellished with a delicate handmade posy of fuchsia flowers.

The verdict from my friends after wearing my Anahita capsule?  “A big thank you for combining style, comfort and elegance! I feel like I am wearing an evening gown not a nightgown!” Doesn’t every modern day goddess deserve to feel this way!