Transformational Reconstruction Technique = Fun Workshop April 12, 2016 15:47

Ever since I first saw the Transformational Reconstruction (TR) technique by Shingo Sato I have been experimenting and dreaming that one day I will join Shingo in one of the many workshops he runs across the globe. I almost flew to Milan for one of the his workshops, but the stars did not align…

You can imagine my excitement when I saw an announcement about a workshop in Australia! Even better – in Allansford! Only 3h drive from Melbourne.  I booked it the same day :-)  almost 6 months before the event (176 days before, to be precise ;-))

After 176 days we are here! All set up and ready!

Endless possibilities with simple dart manipulation technique:

My first attempt:

A three day workshop…. so much I want to learn in three days!