Susan Khalje is coming to Australia October 18, 2016 21:48

Just heard news on the "vine" - Susan Khalje is coming to Australia, even better she is delivering Classic French Jacket in Melbourne!!!!!

 Susan Khalje, renowned and much-sought-after teacher of Haute Couture is in Australia for the 2017 Teaching Tour. I love sewing. I love haute couture. I love Chanel. I adore good fabric. So imagine all that combined with an inspirational teacher. Heaven!

I am so exited, I have signed up for two of her courses – the Classic French Jacket and the Guipure Lace Skirt.

First up – the Classic French Jacket, probably better known as the Chanel Jacket after its designer Coco Chanel. This jacket is a masterpiece of Haute Couture elements – fabulous fabric, trims, buttons and FIT!! 

Then - the Guipure Skirt - delicate laces and luxurious silk, all fitted and hand shaped

The Classic French Jacket - 7 days in Melbourne and the Guipure Skirt - 3 days in Brisbane. That makes ten days of Bliss!  Goodness, two amazing teachers in Australia within a year....  Shingo Sato in April, Susan Khalje in January!  I'm in heaven!!!