Sketching the Candy Crush way January 3, 2017 14:38

Candy Crush Original Sketches
When I was first invited to submit some sketches to Wowcracy for its Candy Crush project I was initially a little hesitant. My designs are usually at the maximum end of the glamour barometer. How would I interpret my nightwear via a  game app with candies, jellies and chocolate lakes?! But every designer loves a challenge so of course I took it on. The colours of Candy Crush are so uninhibited – so retro lolly shop.

Who could fail to fall in love with the pinkest pinks and the translucent greens! Those are my favourites of all the beautiful jewel colours of Candy Crush so they became the focus of my range. Interpreting the candies in embroidery was lots of fun. I got so carried away that my biggest challenge eventually was in restraining my urge to lavish every garment in swathes of embroidered candies!

I think my Candy Crush nightwear range is the perfect way to have lots of sweets in your life – there are no calories involved!