More Transformational Reconstruction with Shingo Sato April 13, 2016 16:04

With all the excitement of yesterday, I missed all the technical details….

“Transformational Reconstruction (TR) is a method of pattern design that allows creative shaping and effects to be built into the cut of the garment as the pattern is developed.” Effects like twists, extra volume, 3D vortex and dart manipulations are easier and simpler to add to a flat pattern than some of the more traditional techniques.

This technique permits the creation of such innovative and amazing designs that they are more akin to geometric works of art.

Shingo Sato is the inspirational designer behind this technique. He now travels the world teaching TR in small workshops in between designing garments for his extensive private clientele.

Day 2 – Shingo making magic!


And here are my attempts at the same magic

Bow anybody? I can see me having a lot of fun with it! A simple bodice is transformed.

Box and pocket

A perfect pocket for a designer like me!

One more day to go with this amazing man.