Louise Saxton – Sanctuary June 5, 2012 18:29

Just came back from the exhibition by Louise Saxton – Sanctuary at Heide.

Wow!  What an unexpected way to use and re-use beautiful laces and cross-stitch pieces.  I’m not even going to write about amount of work that goes into each of the items.  Work, which Louise regards as a ‘silent collaboration with the anonymous original makers’.

Louise writes: “…The works in Sanctuary are also made from the textiles of bygone eras: doilies, tablecloths and bed linen…. The act of needlework once provided its maker with temporary refuge from the drudgery of domestic duties, but these once loved and utilitarian forms are becoming increasingly obsolete. In this body of work, the materials themselves are given sanctuary from cultural redundancy…

In Sanctuary a mass of luminous textile fragments from around the world is gathered—a kind of cabinet of curiosities that will, I hope, cause viewers to recall the disappearing traditions of the ‘hand-made and bespoke’,  and to reflect upon the precious and precarious resources of our natural world. …”

Entire body of work is constructed using pins, and that adds sense of flitting and fragile existence of Louise work.

Could not take any photos, so here what is in the on-line catalogue:


Have a look at the details!