Fortuna nightgown by day and by night July 1, 2016 13:22

One nightgown, two different models and two different photographers. How interesting to see the interpretation each photographer brings to the same nightgown. Two well known Melbourne photographers – Andrew Ashton and Luna who is also well  recognised for her work in make-up – got to work on my Fortuna nightgown.

Andrew Ashton’s beautiful images of the Fortuna gown are almost ethereal. The billowing layers of silk transform the model into a ballerina at her most graceful.
Tatyana Ariyan Design - Fortuna Nightgown

Luna’s images bring another perspective to the same Fortuna nightgown. Her use of mirrors and elaborate chandeliers creates an edgy, slightly sultry portrait of our model. Both photographers have captured the sheer, free flowing femininity of this beautiful nightgown. I am delighted with the results and would be happy to be either model!