Evolution of an Inspiration - Part 2 August 24, 2014 23:00

My client loves the Dior red dress but this dress cannot be red, as the bridesmaids are wearing red....

My client looks fabulous in blues and navies.  The Bride and bridesmaids' dresses are very modern and structured, so to keep in the same structure and style we settle on silk Shantung and lace.  The wedding is in summer, so after few sketches and fabric samples the sleeves are omitted. The client then asks for less skirt, and we agree to check the skirt on the first fitting.

Final sketch of the dress

Fun day- lace shopping! Lace is so personal, I believe a person should pick it herself, so I take my dear client to my lace suppliers. After metres and metres of laces my client notices a piece in dark navy with silver beading. It is a bit heavier than I envisaged, but will fit well into the structured style of the bride and bridal party dresses.

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