Ethical Clothing Australia Re-Accreditation 2016 June 1, 2016 11:02

Tatyana Design has again been accepted as a member of Ethical Clothing Australia. ECA accreditation is only given to those companies which can demonstrate their commitment in practice to the  ECA ideals. This means fair treatment of all who are involved in the production of a garment from the sourcing of the fabric through design, cutting, making and finishing. Tatyana Design supports these ideals. Our garments are all produced by skilled artisans who have taken years of training to reach their high levels of skill. Our team all work closely together and this collaboration and attention to detail is evident in the high quality of our garments.

High skills deserve fair salaries and fair salaries mean prices that are higher than garments that have been mass produced in factories where the emphasis is on keeping costs as low as possible. The end result is a poorly made garment which cannot compare with one which has been made by close collaboration within a team of artisans.

Support Tatyana Design and all the other companies who are accredited by ECA. Buy fewer clothes but buy clothes which are made well and made ethically and you are supporting a more sustainable future.