Hand-Crafted Kimonos: Japan’s Wearable Masterpieces August 22, 2013 23:47

“Business of Fashion” had a fascinating article about making kimonos. Here are just few spinets:

“Even the most celebrated Western couture houses start to look like fast fashion when you consider how much time the best kimono makers spend on each garment.”

“Chiso, founded in Kyoto in 1555, creates standard kimonos in three to four months, but it is not unusual for special orders to take 18 months or more.”

“Clients’ choices, even today, reflect the traditional Japanese respect for nature. “Cherry blossom can only be worn in January, February or March,” Ms. Kanasaki said. “There are two aims in the design for the wearer: to show their enjoyment in the season and to show their education.””

Full article can be read here

You can see more photos here