Tsar Ball September 16, 2013 16:02

While I was launching my latest collection at International Fashion Week, some of my historically-inspired gowns were attending the Tsar Ball in Melbourne.  This was the 21st St. Vladimir’s Grand Ball organised by Russian Ethnic Representative Council of Victoria.

Tsar Ball Program

Portrait of Empress Catherine II (1729-1796) by Erichsen, Vigilius

My gowns and other items kindly donated by Russian Melburnians were used as a display to create the elegant atmosphere expected on such a glamorous occasion. My historically-influenced gowns were inspired by the elegance of eighteenth century royal fashions at the time when Catherine the Great was dictating dress codes worn by royals on public occasions and at the royal court. Think tight boned corsets and voluminous dresses so wide that only a double door could accommodate the dress without compromising the wearer!


These gowns reflect an era of opulence, excess and lack of concern for practicalities.  Hand painted silk roses, luscious silk, delicate damask, luxurious mink and sable! What an era! Would we really enjoy all aspects of such a time? But we can still enjoy the best of the Tsarist Russia era through my beautiful gowns and the annual Tsar Ball.

Next time I might be there as well as my dresses.

PS You can see more photos from the 21st St. Vladimir’s Grand Ball here