Purchase - 18 piece specialised flower making tool set


You can purchase a professional millinery flower making tool set of 15 items and Japanese iron with adjustable temperature.

Professional millinery flower making tool set consists of:
1. Round boules (spheres) 8 pcs. - 3 mm to 30 mm diameter, to give a rounded shape to the petals.
2. Hook 1 pc. - for curling the edges of leaves and petals.
3. Round single knife 1 pc. - for drawing vein on leaves.
4. Round double knife 1 pc. - for processing of the middle of leaves.
5. Improved round die with four holes of different diameter 2-in-1 pc. - to create grass and decorative cord. It can also be used as a "chrysanthemum knife".
6. Round wide heel 2-in-1 pc. - for processing petals, can also be used as a detailing "ring".
7. Round narrow heel 2-in-1 pc. (also called "penny") - for processing petals and leaves.
8. Lily of the valley (puseta for lily of the valley) - for creating lily of the valley flowers.

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