Melbourne Couture Group


First Melbourne Couture Group has been running for three years now. In that time we studied patterns, cut fabric, sewing various garments, we went out for lunches, afternoon teas and dinners, we went fabric shopping, concerts and exhibitions together and most importantly, we enjoyed companionship of like minded people.

It is time to open up two more Melbourne Couture Groups and share our love for the world of couture!
These groups meet once a month for the full day and you can choose first Thursday of the month or second Saturday of the month.

Members of the groups can either work on their own projects (ideally requiring some couture techniques), or focus on a particular couture technique or work on the same themed project (e.g Summer Dress, Melbourne Cup outfit).  Members can expect to get any help they need with projects: fitting the toile, making order of a garment, interfacing and lining choices, support, trims, finishing, styling advice and any other sewing help. I'm here to make sure your project is a success!

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