Silk sleep mask


Drift into dreams with these delicate eye masks. 

Made of high grade mulberry silk, these softly padded eye masks are a MUST for enhancing deep sleep.

Studies have shown that silk masks help your body to relax and switch off faster by blocking out harmful and disruptive blue light from our smart phones, alarm clocks and TV screens. The gentle hugging of the mask has a calming effect causing the body to release serotonin for a deeper sleep.

Silk is also naturally hypoallergenic and its dense weave helps preserve the skin’s moisture minimising wrinkles around your eyes.

Masks are easy to care for – just a quick handwash in mild detergent and cool water will keep your silk mask in top condition for many luxurious sleeps.

Sleep mask will be shipped in stylish Tatyana Design gift box.

Designed and hand made in our studio in Melbourne, Australia