Silk Flower making workshop


Are you looking for a new hobby? Maybe you are already a crafter or sewist and want to add another string to your bow?

Silk Flower Making is the perfect hobby for those who like a challenge and enjoy the finer details in life!

To set yourself up in silk flower making can be quite expensive. That is why I am setting up 'mini workshops' during my time at Wendy Scully Millinery. Come down to Wendy's shop and have a some time with me to learn and have a test run at your new hobby!

Click on the drop down below to pick which class you would like to attend over the 4 days that I will be there (Melbourne CBD).

Dates: 27th/28th/29th/30th November 2020

Where: St. Collins Lane, Level 1, 15/260 Collins St, Melb⁠ourne, VIC 3000.

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