Beaded Couture Jacket with Karen Torrisi (Part 2)


Karen Torrisi has been designing & creating luxurious, exquisite beading & embroideries professionally since 1994, a career spanning over two decades. She currently works in London UK & Paris France.
Together, Karen and I will guide you through the process of making a beaded couture jacket. You will learn couture techniques like toile, fittings, hand basting, hand beading, lining and finishing.
This is four day workshop, that will be in progress over two months. You will be expected to do work in between workshop days.

Before first class in December please make and fit your calico toile jacket and  transfer pattern pieces onto the final fabric leaving about 5 cm of fabric around each piece. Please do NOT cut your fabric.

Days 1 - 2 (14th & 15th of December) - position beading design on the marked fabric, transfer it and start to bead
Days 3 - 4 (29th & 30th May 2021) - assemble the jacket, finish beading across seams and close the lining

Kit with all beads needed for this project is included in the price of the workshop.

You will need to provide your own fabric, lining and all interfacing that is needed to construct a jacket.
Suggested pattern - Vogue V7975 or Susan Khalje The Classic French Jacket
Suggested fabric is medium to heavy weight wool suitable for a jacket (not a coat). Do not use open weave wools, beads will disappear in it.

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