Beginners Sewing Classes


Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew?  Perhaps make your own perfectly fitting clothes?  Perhaps have a sewing machine that scares you?  Struggled to find something suitable at the shops but to no avail?

The beginners sewing class at Tatyana’s School of Couture is now available.  Run by creative, passionate and experienced Sandy Gagnon ( this course designed as 16 x 2.5 h sessions. You will learn the fundamentals of sewing from fabric choice to various techniques ensuring a strong foundation through the creation of useful and practical items.  This course is the first step that will enable you to progress into making your own perfect custom fitted wardrobe and is recommended to those that also wish to continue through to the intermediate and advanced couture courses.

Kits to make each item are included in the price of each session up to Session 10. For Pyjama Set you will need to provide your own fabric.

Session 1: Sewing Machine Orientation

Designed as an introduction to your machine, you’ll be learning all the basics such as: how to thread the machine, fill a bobbin, utility stitches vs decorative stitches, basic machine maintenance, straight and curved stitching, all about needles etc. to get you sewing in no time.  Our project for this session is a pincushion, which will help you keep track of all those pins as well as serve as a fond reminder of the first step in your sewing journey.

Session 2: Fundamentals – The Cushion

Designed to build upon Session 1 learnings, students are challenged and encouraged to make a decorative knife edge envelope cushion.  In this session, you will learn about: fabric characteristics, sewing markings, multiple finishing etc.  Keep in mind that all the knowledge and fundamental techniques learnt in this session as well as subsequent sessions are transferable to all projects, be it home décor or garment.  Goodbye store bought cushions!

Session 3 & 4: Fundamentals – The Project Tote

Keeping with the theme of sewing useful and practical items as well as expanding on the confidence gained in the earlier sessions, you will be making a project tote bag.  This bag can be used to carry your sewing gear to and from sewing classes, used as a spare carry bag or even as a very fancy grocery bag.  The project tote is a thoughtful and practical project and is ideal for gifts.

Session 5: Fundamentals – The Lined Boxed Zipper Bag

This session is designed to help students get over any ‘Zipper Fear’ that they may have.  After this session zippers will no longer be a low-level nemesis.  Our project for this session is the Lined Boxed Zipper Bag.  This project is perfect to hold all those sewing tools in one organised place and can even be made into a Dopp Kit.  This is also ideal for gifts.

Optional Saturday

A fabric exploration adventure awaits!  An optional session to be confirmed after session 5, this session is a chance to learn all about fabric including: type, suitability for projects, patterns versus solids, how to choose a flattering fabric etc.  All that while visiting multiple fabric shops in Melbourne CBD and its surroundings.  If you have ever experienced choosing the wrong fabric for your project and experienced sub-optimal results, then this session is for you.  

Session 6 – 9: Fundamentals – The Kitchen Set

Our first wearable project!!  In this session you will be making a beautiful kitchen set made up of a full apron, potholder and bowl holder.  Please note that this is not your high school apron but rather a beautiful and well finished kitchen set for the foodie or master chef in your life.  This is an important session as it also lays the groundwork for garment making.  Techniques that will be covered include: pattern placement, pattern cutting, piping, bands, simple fabric marking and working with multiple layers of fabric.

Session 10: Fundamentals – The Round Cushion

In this session we will be making a companion to the cushion we made in Session 2.  You will be learning how to maneuver opposing shapes (straight and round) and sew them smoothly and professionally.  This session is important and applicable to more advanced garment techniques and teaches fabric manipulation and sewing technique.

Sessions 11 – 16: Fundamentals – The Pyjama Set

The graduation project!!!  During these sessions, you will be ready to explore and complete a set of proper pyjamas.  This is also the opportunity to overcome any ‘Button Fear’ as well as introduce the concept of custom fit.  We will be making the pyjama bottoms first and the pyjama top second.  Please keep in mind that though the pyjama top contains many details, we will progress step by step and the finished set will be very luxurious.

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