Evolution of an Inspiration August 20, 2014 17:08

Is Made to Measure just getting a dress that fits perfectly?

A dress that fits perfectly is a pretty special dress anyway today, But Made to Measure can be much much more than that. It can represent the epitome of individual style.

The starting point is crucial. How to identify what is the ‘it’ factor – that will make this garment a great garment and makes everyone say “that dress is YOU!”.

Where to start? Often from a glimpse of fabric, photo or artwork, an elegant person on a street or a flower – remember Dior’s “flower women” collection?

This dress began with a client asking for a dress to wear to her daughter’s wedding.  Mother of the Bride…  It is an important role on the day.  The lady wanted an elegant and sophisticated look.

Endless possibilities!  We go through lots of fashion photos. Eventually we narrow it down to 50s style.

A few more hours and we have identified the inspiration – the Dior red velvet dress. My client loves the sophistication and style; I am confident the silhouette will suit her.

Now it is my turn – to adapt the dress to suite the event and the client.

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